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Soap Offerings

AGILITY : lavender oil and milk

CLARITY : bracing, all-australian essential oils and botanicals, featuring lemon myrtle, lemon-scented gum, blue gum, and dimbulah tea tree (vegan)

COURAGE : brisk and fresh tea tree and lemongrass oils, with some exfoliation courtesy of the lemon myrtle powder we grind in-house (vegan)

FIDELITY : alpine forest with notes of cold-pressed lime and geranium (vegan)

FORTITUDE : sophisticated dry herbal, balsamic, citrus and anise notes - basil and frankincense oils (vegan)

HARMONY : sweet, rich florals with french pink clay and rose petals (vegan)

HOPE : classic rose and lemon blend inspired by the 1st class cabin soaps on the titanic (vegan)

INTEGRITY : a delicious blend of lemon, patchouli, and mint, with poppyseeds for fun

JUSTICE : earthy, herbal, and minty-cool with french green clay

MERCY : sweet tea with mint and milk (dairy milk)

PATIENCE : one of my all-time favourite blends. some mint, some citrus, some lavender, some cannot go wrong!

PROFUNDITY : french and australian red clays with myrrh and patchouli oils - earthy, deep, and grounded. 

PRUDENCE : expertly blended orange and spearmint. fresh and sweet and neither oil dominates.

RECIPROCITY : charcoal and yellow australian clay with eucalyptus, clove, peppermint and lemon. NEW

STRENGTH : poppy seeds and charcoal in an intriguing new blend featuring bay oil NEW

VERITY : coffee, cocoa, and milk, with a sweet subtle spice blend

WISDOM : our gentle classic: calendula and lavender (vegan)