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patti flynn, soapmaker

Soap List 2019

blue gum & lemon myrtle : bracing, and naturally australian (vegan)

calendula & lavender : a gentle, old-fashioned classic (vegan)

cashew & mint : creamy and gently minty with organic cashews (vegan) 

chai & honey : sweet, spicy, warm

coffee & cream : spicy and creamy with a little exfoliation

darjeeling and silk : tea, silk, citrus and herbal

earth & mint : earthy, herbal and minty-cool (vegan)

flowers & confetti : my favourite blend. some citrus, some mint, some lavender, some patchouli.

frankincense & basil : sophisticated herbal, anise, citrus and balsamic dry notes (vegan)

goat & lavender : gentle and classic lavender with goat's milk

lemon & poppyseed : a delicious blend of mint, sharp lemon, and patchouli (vegan)

lemongrass & tea tree : brisk and fresh. exfoliating (vegan)

lime and fir : alpine forest with sweet lime and geranium (vegan)

 molasses & charcoal : molasses and bamboo charcoal swirls with rksemary, lavender, lemongrass (vegan)

myrrh & patchouli : earthy and grounding, with cleansing red and pink clays (vegan)

peppermint & lime : fresh and sweet, with tangy lime (vegan)

rose & lavender : pretty florals with pink clay and rose petals (vegan)

rose & lemon : classic blend inspired by the first class cabin soap on the titanic (vegan)

yoghurt & orange mint : fresh citrus and mints with biodynamic local yoghurt